What Happens With Trade In Cars?

When it's time for a new car, it doesn’t necessarily have to be brand new — just new to you. The money to pay for it still has to come from somewhere, of course. The answer, and your down payment, just might be sitting in your garage or your driveway as you read this. Your old car might’ve worn out its welcome for you, but it still has value to High Q Auto. As used car dealers in South Florida, our inventory comes from people like you. And if you’ve ever wondered what happens when you trade in your old car, we're about to give you a peek behind the curtain.


Calculating Trade In Value

Your trade-in value comes from a few simple factors: age, condition, mileage, demand, and features. If you’ve got a vehicle that’s newer, cleaner, and has fewer miles, you’re off to a good start. If it’s a vehicle like a Ford F-150 that’s always in demand, you’re in better shape still. And if it’s loaded with features that enhance performance or comfort, that adds value too. 

You can either fill out our trade-in form online or just drop by our dealership with your title and paperwork to get started. So if we take your vehicle, what happens next? One of three things.


Recondition and Sell

We’re always on the lookout for late-model cars in good condition. That’s especially true of manufacturers that have a good track record for problem-free ownership. We know what they are, and so do the people shopping for a quality used car. They go quickly, especially if their mileage is low and they’ve been maintained well. We perform a thorough inspection to ensure quality, but we’ll also be doing a bit of reconditioning and detailing so that everything is shipshape.



If you trade in a used consumer car at a luxury dealership, they may not be interested in having it on display. They have an image to uphold, after all. Other dealerships may give you a fair price for the age or mileage, but feel as though the car would take up space for a long period of time. In those cases, they may offload it to another dealership, so the used GMC truck you brought to the BMW dealership may end up at a local GM dealership a few days later. Traditional dealerships often lowball these vehicles so they don’t wholesale at a loss, so you’re better off bringing it to a dealership that specializes in used cars.



Some cars are ancient, beat-up, or have too many miles to be attractive to the average buyer. In cases like this, you won’t get much of anything from a dealership; in the rare instance they do take a vehicle in that condition, it often goes to auction or is sold to be stripped for parts. Some dealers won’t even take vehicles in this condition, so if your car, truck, or SUV is a beater, you may be better off finding a private buyer or selling to a junkyard. Even in this case, however, we suggest you call us first — we’d hate to see you get less than it’s worth!


Now That You Know... 

Now that you’ve had a peek at the process, you may still have some questions. That’s fine. Call or visit High Q Auto. We’re happy to demystify the car buying process! If you need a change of vehicle, and the change of pace that comes with it, we’re located at 747 N. State Road 7 in Plantation, FL — minutes away from Fort Lauderdale, in the heart of Broward County — we’re here for all your used car sales, financing, and service needs.