Why Choose a Dealership that Also Offers Repair Services?

Dealership with Repair Services

Why choose High Q Auto? We’re the number one dealership in South Florida, and it’s not just because of our great selection of used cars at unbeatable prices. In addition to a one-year buyback guarantee and a year of free maintenance, we build relationships with our customers through the wide range of services we offer, including repairs and routine maintenance. Countless people trust us to take good care of them and their vehicles — even when they didn’t initially buy from us. Here’s why that matters.


Why Vehicle Maintenance Matters

Let’s start with the basics, and why you should maintain your car, truck, or SUV. Time and driving take their toll on vehicles, with all that friction and use leading to parts wearing out. Some things, like your brakes and tires, take it especially hard, but they’re not the only components you need to worry about. Even the stuff that protects those parts — like motor oil and coolant — wears out. While some repairs are the result of chance or pure bad luck, like driving over a nail or having a fender bender crack your radiator, many of the issues we see on a daily basis are due more to neglect than anything else. If you take care of your car, it’s better able to take care of you.


Why Dealership Service Matters

Now that you know why you need maintenance (or if you’ve neglected it, and now you need repairs), let’s take a look at why you should visit High Q Auto if you’re looking for auto repair in South Florida.

Let’s say you bought a Ford Focus from your local Ford dealership six years ago. The dealership was great while the car was under warranty, but now that your basic warranty and powertrain warranty are up, you’re beginning to notice how expensive even routine maintenance is. Rather than being stuck with services you don’t need at a high price, it’s easier to visit us and get only what you need, exactly when you need it.

Besides, we have overlooked advantage: unlike a dealership that specializes in a single make, we’ve seen everything over the years. If your car has a known issue, not only have we seen it, but we’ll fix it right the first time — unlike a dealership that offers a single make and may be hesitant to admit, much less adequately address, recurring problems. We work quickly to minimize downtime, and we’re transparent about the service and repairs we offer.


Maintenance and Value


There’s more to value than what’s on the price tag. While we’re proud of our inventory of used cars and the financing that makes them affordable, we know — just like you do — that true value comes down to what you get for your hard-earned money. It’s why we offer high quality cars, but it’s also why we offer automotive repairs and maintenance; we want to ensure that you enjoy the ride for years to come! To schedule South Florida auto service, simply call (954) 440-3388 or submit a service request online.