Car Maintenance Schedule


Car Maintenance Schedule

Unsure how often your car actually needs to be serviced? If you’ve lost the owner’s manual, or just have a suspicion that your vehicle isn’t running as well as it used to, it’s time to consider a tune-up. Just as we make buying a used car a breeze, High Q Auto also makes car servicing in Plantation, Florida much easier.

Car Maintenance Essentials

There’s a lot that needs regular maintenance on any vehicle. While many components will need replacement at nice round numbers (30,000, 50,000, or 90,000 miles, for instance), that isn’t always the case.

Odd-Interval Vehicle Maintenance

Oil, wipers, and other “consumables” — parts that wear out because of use — don’t always fit an easily-defined maintenance interval. How often you change your oil, for instance, depends on the type of oil used. Natural oil is rated for 3-5,000 miles, while synthetics can last for twice that (or longer). Other consumables require checks for their levels (coolant, washer fluid), condition (brakes and brake fluid), or time (batteries, which are rated for three to five years rather than mileage).

30,000 Mile Maintenance

One of the most important things to service around the 30,000 mile mark is your filters, especially your air filter and fuel filter. These keep contaminants out of your engine so it runs effectively, so don’t neglect them!

60,000 Mile Maintenance

At or around 60,000 miles, it’s time to change your battery and brake fluid, as well as some other brake components like pads or shoes, and have the rotors resurfaced. Your transmission fluid should also be changed around this time, since low or dirty fluid can lead to hesitant shifts.

90,000 Mile Maintenance

Around 90,000 miles is when you’ll start to see not just mileage but age taking its toll on your vehicle. It’s a good time to get a new spare tire, have your ignition checked, and change belts and hoses, which begin to crack with age.

When to Ignore the Odometer

Of course, each of these things are simply guidelines. Every rule has its exceptions. When you’re driving a used car, it’s a good idea to have it thoroughly checked out at its first service interval; the prior owner may not have been as diligent about maintenance as we hope you’ll be.

How you drive can also influence how your car and its parts wear over time. If you’re doing a lot of city driving, some systems (especially your brakes) will experience wear much faster than they would during highway driving. Similarly, if you’re doing a lot of towing or heavy hauling with a used pickup truck or used SUV, you’re putting more strain on both your engine and (especially) your transmission than on a car or another vehicle that would normally be operating under lighter loads. And of course, if something doesn’t seem right — your check engine light on, your brakes don’t have as much bite as they used to, or your power steering feels slack or requires more effort than usual — call us for service as soon as possible.

A used car from High Q Auto is a great way to save money. But just as the old expression says you have to spend money to make money, there are also times you need to spend money to save money. The relatively small expense of car maintenance in Plantation, FL will save you money and headaches brought on by more expensive repairs later. Call (855) 336-4650 or stop by 747 N. State Road 7 in Plantation, FL today!